Nose Aesthetic Surgery

The nose repairs started in India in the 600s BC. In the 1450s it began to develop with the contributions of Branca. In the 1814s, Joseph Carpoe successfully defined nasal reconstruction. In 1845, Dieffenbach identified the first nasal reduction surgery, and with the contributions of many surgeons, he began to develop with the Nazenplastik und Sonstige Gesichetplastic Nebst Mammaplastus, written in 1931 by Joseph.

The ideal size of the nose depends on the fact that the face is in harmony with the other structures. In the professional sense, the face has certain openings and proportions within itself. This was first noticed, and Leonardo da Vinci worked on beauty and aesthetic proportions.

Today, these ratios are in the form of three divisions of the face, as shown. The region between the beginning of the hairline and the jaw is divided into 3 equal parts.

Similarly, the face is divided into five sections with vertical lines, and these intervals are equal to each other. The distance between the eyes should also be one eye wide.

Placement of the lips: The lips should normally be placed behind the line between the nose and chin.

The upper lip should be 4 mm behind this line and the lower lip should be 2 mm behind.

Lip nose: normally between 90 and 120 degrees.

For females wide males are preferred.

The nose may be exposed to trauma during childbirth, and the resulting deformity causes breathing problems. Non-traumatic nasal deformities may be a reflection of family characteristics. Both inherent and post-hitting deformities and breathing problems can be corrected at the same time.

The entire face is treated as a whole before nose surgery is planned.

The width of the face,

Settlement of eyebrows,

Deep thick,

It should be assessed whether the jaw is large, small, forward or backward.

The size, face relationship and ratio of the nose should be determined.

Digital photographs and computer help will provide information about the nose to be implanted and postoperative nose.

At this time, one’s own will and realistic and scientific approaches must overlap.

Aesthetic perceptions have shown a constant change in history. Straight or slightly curved noses that are more natural nowadays are considered ideal for ladies, while straight or very light arched noses are preferred in men. The interview will be conducted between the physician and the patient.

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