It’s Not Hard To Solve A Man’s Password!

Unlike women, all research suggests that men’s brains are structured in a manner that is prone to specialization. A man’s brain works in such a way that it can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and many men can “do just one thing at the same time”.

For example, if you look at a male map and stop the car to find a way to go, the first thing you will do is cut the radio. Many women can not understand that. Women can talk while listening, why can not men do it? The answer is that there are far fewer connections between the left and right hemisphere in men’s brains than in women.

Brain scan shows that the ability of a man to hear something, for example while reading or watching something, is almost nil; So the man is almost deaf. That is why women who try to talk to a man while watching television all over the world are disappointed. This does not arise because they do not listen because they do not care about the man, and the male has no hearing ability because he uses his vision skills.

This difference can also be seen in everyday routines in homes. For example, a woman can talk or brush her teeth while brushing teeth or eating. However, men can not do this because their one-way working minds concentrate only on a relative. A man normally stands a little away from the basin, bends the sink slightly and brushes his teeth. The same is true for food. During the meal, it is usually not a good idea to expect much from men except to look at the table or the other side and focus on the food.

It’s Not Hard To Solve A Man’s Password!

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