You go to the gym or work out regularly, but stick to the same exercises for fear of trying something new or because you feel comfortable…

If you find yourself doing running only, or spending all your time in a Spin class, mixing up your routine might bring you a whole new host of dividends. It’s important to mix up your workout routine so you don’t plateau,’ explains celebrity trainer and founder of Paola’s Bodybarre (, Paola Di Lanzo. Adding variety to your workouts not only keeps a routine interesting, but you’re more likely to see results,’ she explains. It’s also important to have variety and classes that complement each other so your body can repair itself. If you do a HIIT class one day, try yoga the next, or kickboxing followed by Pilates. Having low-intensity, low-impact exercises in between more rigorous training prevents injury and allows your muscles to release and stretch more.’

Adaption is key when it comes to an effective workout routine,’ agrees Horesh. He advises changing your routine slightly every three to four weeks to keep your body adapting and to see results. Been doing the same tried-and-tested workouts for years? It may be time to tailor your exercise to your age. Your thirties is a time packed full of work and family commitments, so opt for interval training, which burns more calories in less time,’ explains Di Lanzo. If you haven’t started weight lifting, now’s the time, as your future bone density depends on it.’ A great routine would consist of two to three cardiovascular interval training sessions and two days of weight training on non-consecutive days, she suggests. For women in their forties, Di Lanzo says that retaining fat-burning muscle is crucial to keep weight down. As the perimenopause begins, oestrogen levels decline and fat is more likely to settle on the abdomen. Aim to do 45-60-minute moderately paced aerobic workouts three to five times a week to keep the fat at bay but also to help fight off diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer, not to mention osteoporosis!’ she says. I’d lso recommend weight training (Yi least three times a week, ncreasing the weight and intensity hen it becomes too easy and changing the programme every three to four months.’

If the idea of being the new person in the class scares you, Di Lanzo advises trying smaller, nonintimidating boutique studios, where the teacher will often be able to give you the extra attention and confidence you need. Perhaps try a private session before diving into a class to get to grips with technique and to build up self-esteem,’ she adds.

Alternatively, try initiatives such as Virgin Active’s Get to Grips classes (, which aim to give people 30-minute tasters of different exercises and classes, in order to break down barriers and help members get comfortable with new activities. Sounds good to us!


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