Olga Kurylenko Diet Plan Workout Routine

Olga Kurylenko Diet Plan

These doctors, having concluded that mental and physical illness is always preceded by a pattern of significant’ life changes, believe that future health or disease can be forecast by evaluating these events. The greater the number of life changes, say Holmes and Rahe, the more serious the oncoming illness.

Holmes, Rahe, and their associates devised a numerical system for predicting the chances for succumbing to sickness. They call their diagnostic test the Social Readjustment Rating Scale. From thousands of interviews with patients, they selected 43 particularly significant life change variables. Each patient was re quested to rank these events in order of importance. Numerical values were then assigned to each of the 43 life changes, ranging from a low of 11 to a high of 100 points.

Are you ready to gaze into your health future? Then circle yes or no to each life event in this list that has happened to you during the past twelve months.

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