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Like all other dairy products, cheese creates a great deal of mucus, which coats your lungs and your intestines, making elimination difficult.

Not only does cheese have a lot of salt in it and not only is it in itself as high in calories as any food can be, but cheese also spends more time in your stomach than any other food you eat; it makes anything else you eat after it fattening because anything you eat after the cheese will get trapped in your stomach right along with the cheese.

One reason people feel so full after eating cheese is that their stomachs are working so hard they can’t deal with anything else. Nothing makes your stomach work harder than cheese and dairy products. Finally as in pasteurizing, processing milk to cheese destroys the lecithin, the ingredient that di gests and emulsifies the fat.

YOĞURT Yoğurt is a miracle fooda miracle of the marketing place. It’s touted as our panacea, the food to make us thin and healthy, the food to make us live forever. This is the food that will cure our ills by killing off bacteria, and, at the same time, cure our ills by creating bacteria. Yoğurt has been enshrined among modemday men.

If milk consumption is on the decline, yoğurt’s is rock eting, and the dairy industry is happily counting its pennies.

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