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The venue for us is as important a factor in the sound as the microphone. I want to work with the building not against it.’ Deux Elles has a company motto, Start small, grow slow’, and Naylor seems determined to stick to it. We never envisage being a big label. One disc a month is what we’d like to produce.’ Some of those releases will include Berio’s Opus Number Zoo and works by Ibert, Ligeti, etc played by the Galliard Ensemble, a disc of music by Cecilia McDowall, Debussy melodies sung by Gillian Keith, and the complete keyboard works of Matthew Locke played by Terence Charlston. Watch this space.

Olivia Wilde Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Olivia Wilde Info Chart

Style Name Olivia Jane Cockburn
Style Birth; March 10, 1984
Style From; New York City, NY
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Engaged to Jason Sudeikis
A-List; A-List?

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