Olivia Wilde Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Interestingly, man is the only în mriı l who drinks milk after Ave riinğ. There are numerous studies indicating that this milk drinking is actually bad for us, that our consumption of dairy products “has lifelong serious conse quences.”* Because most milk is homogenized and pas teurized, the chief ingredient that helps us digest at least the fat content of milklecithinis destroyed by the heating process.

Because we don’t really digest milk, we don’t obtain the nutrients from it. Obviously, we can’t get nutrients from food we can’t digest. Touted as nature’s most perfect food, even human milk is vastly overrated when compared with other foods, particularly in terms of its protein and calcium content.

For instance, ali whole grains are higher in protein than human milk. Most vegetables are at least twice as high, and bean sprouts and darkgreen leafy vegetables are five to eight times as high. Studies show our calcium needs are far below the commercialîy promoted figüre. It could well be that the role of milk in our society is a commercial charade.

Remember that milk is a protein. So that little drop in your moming coffee will make ali the carbohydrates that follow it undigestible or fattening.

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