Amanda Couzner, 30, is the managing director of Mazarine Aqua, an online store and global surf community for women. and in late 2014, my partner and I made the decision to create Mazarine Aqua. We saw the opportunity to bring together the best active swimwear pieces for women so they can look amazing and feel confident in the water, and a community that will support them to get active in the ocean.

I’ve always worked in surfing but the role has been really varied. I started as a surf coach while I was at university and kept working my way up, eventually working for Surfing Australia as a visual marketing manager, then building websites and producing new products. All those roles allowed me to do what I do now – the last 10 years has been bundled up and Mazarine Aqua was born from that experience.

A few months after we came up with the concept, I left my job to focus on making Mazarine Aqua a reality. I felt like it was time for a new adventure. After six months of doing the grind, we launched the site in September, and so far the response has been fantastic. People are really connecting with the brand and what we do. We have a YouTube channel with instructional learn to surf, surfyoga and exercise videos that has had more than 70,000 views, which is really cool. The online store supports the lifestyle – we expose it’s every day you have to face that and keep moving forward. You can t accept negative thoughts.


I like to think big and I see so much potential for what we do. I get so excited I can hardly sleep! We re looking forward to a new phase next year, hosting active ocean retreats. We re going to introduce women to the active ocean lifestyle, so we re going to do surf lessons, beach fitness sessions, food coaching and personal or professional development.

“I believe the confidence and inner peace that comes with getting active in the ocean can create positive change women to these amazing ocean activities and then they connect with other women who are doing it too through our private Facebook group.

There were expensive learning experiences along the way, like using a horrendous website developer to start with, but I think the biggest learning curve is that you have to consistently overcome self-doubt, and that’s not something you conquer and it’s gone, When I talkto women about getting active, they always say to me, I ’d love to try that but I wouldn’t be able to do it’. So Mazarine Aqua is really about breaking those barriers down for women and giving them the confidence they need to have a go. I believe the confidence and inner peace that comes with getting active in the ocean can create positive change for women all over the world.”

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