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A shock new investigation has revealed that Oprah Winfrey has a secret homeless brother who she’s never met. The talk-show legend’s father made the stunning claim during an exclusive interview with New Idea, admitting he was left as left dumbfounded when a destitute man turned up at his barber shop er shop and declared: ‘I’m your secret son ret son and Oprah’s long-lost brother!’ Vernon Winfrey, 83, has since s since taken Danny Dunston – who’s broke and lives in a homeless shelter – under his wing and allows him to hang out at his popular Winfrey’s Barber Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. But insiders say his arrival will blow the Oprah’s world apart – and could even damage her volatile relationship with her dad.

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Vernon reveals he hasn’t seen his famous 62-year-old daughter in two years, and is worried that Oprah will think Danny is only after her $4.25 billion fortune. ‘Several months ago Danny just turned up and said I was his daddy,’ Vernon tells New Idea. ‘I was shocked and didn’t know whether to believe him or not – but I’m too old to get blood tests and DNA and things like that. ‘Ultimately, I don’t mind having him around.’ He added: ‘What I’ll say about Oprah is she has been a real fine daughter. But what she’d make of him, I don’t know. ‘I’m worried she might be angry about him just turning up.’ Danny, 67, claims Vernon fathered him when he was just 16 years old after meeting his mother Dilcy, who died a decade ago, in Tennessee.

Vernon fathered Oprah in similar circumstances, after a fling with her teen mum Verita Lee. Despite Danny’s circumstances, he insists he’s not after money from Vernon or his billionaire half-sister – and if he does get to meet and know Oprah, it would be a ‘blessing’. ‘My mother told me just mother told me just before she died who my daddy was and where he worked,’ Danny explains. ‘I was very surprised, but I came up to Nashville from Florida where I was living and got to know him before saying I was his son. ‘I didn’t want to come out with it straight away – I got to know him, and he was just a real good person. ‘He was surprised when I told him, about a month after we met, but I made the point straight away that I don’t want any money.

‘I’ve never asked him for money and I’ve never asked Oprah for money. ‘He says he can’t remember what happened [with my mother].’ Nevertheless, he adds: ‘I believe Vernon has accepted me as his son. ‘He’s happy to know he has a son he didn’t know. He hasn’t asked for a blood test or anything. ‘I do want to meet Oprah, hopefully I will soon. Getting to know her would be a blessing. ‘It’s quite remarkable to be related to her,’ Danny adds. ‘She’s a marvellous person who has achieved so much.’ Danny’s friend Tommy Davis, 74, who attends the same church as Danny in Nashville, the First Church of the Nazarene, supports his story.

‘Danny’s had a tough life, but he doesn’t want money,’ Tommy says. ‘That’s what makes me believe him. ‘If he gets to know Oprah, he’d be happy for the rest of his life. ‘He’s grateful to have gotten to know Vernon, but he knows he won’t be around forever.’ Vernon – who divorced his wife Barbara two years ago – says he often has people coming in off the streets wanting money from his wealthy daughter. ‘I get people coming to me all the time trying to get to Oprah,’ Vernon reveals. ‘One man came in wanting me to ask her to loan him $250,000. I said “no way” – I would never ask that of her. ‘Another woman came in wanting to know if Oprah could help mend her false teeth! I just shoo those ones away. But I let Danny into the barber shop so he has a place to hang out.’

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