Orlando Bloom Style & Diet Plan

The scale is there to teli you exactly how much you can get away with. To define the precise margin for rule stretch ing. Emotions play an important role in weight loss: the more important food is to you, the more you love it, the higher its price and the less you can get away with. The more emotional my clients are, the less frivolous they can be in their eating.

The worst thing you can do is not weigh yourself after you blow it. Keep in mind that it’s not the big meals that get you, it’s not the indiscretions you’ve planned for or those “moments of madness,” it’s ali the things you think really don’t matter (the lick off the spoon you stirred with). Let the scale prove it to you. Make it your best friend and your lover.

Every day of your life, confront your weight, acknowl edge your weight, and, if you need to, let it go. Every day of this diet, weigh yourself, write it down, and teli it to the same person. Erase that fat consciousness once and for ali.

If you don’t confront and acknowledge your weight, it hangs around. Here’s an example: Jackie used to teli me her weight in code. She’d write down ten pounds less than it was, and when she called her weight in, she’d only give the last digit. She thought her husband, Henry, had no idea of what she weighed. Then she got stuck on a plateau.

Orlando Bloom Style & Diet Plan

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