Paris Fashion & Street Style


Some designers just don’t have enough on their plates. Melinda Eng, who has designed a signature eveningwear line on Seventh Avenue for more than a decade, has made time lately for other pur suits. She tried her hand at acting a few years back, appearing as a designer in Woody Allen’s Celebrity, and was recently spotted working as a lunchtime hostess at a new garmento hangout in New Ifork, Radius Global Bistro on West 38th Street.

She’s helping out her brother in law, Howard Farrar, who opened the joint as an antidote to the sleepy Italian bistros that have basically been the only lunch spots for designers in the area for decades. Farrar wanted to liven up the local environment with an avocado and orange interior, and after work parties.

A giant round table topped with a conveyor belt features dim sum and nouveau sushi. “In terms of food,” said Farrar, “there just wasn’t any style.”

Paris Fashion & Street Style

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