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And if you’re going to follow my acid-balanced routine, which I expect you to do with no more cheating than you would with my diet strategies (it’s you who gets cheated in the end), then you’ll find that you must keep a close eye on that hair and skin of yours if it’s going to stay tight.
Want to know why? Because, as your hair and skin becomes more acid balanced meaning, more normal your hair and skin routine may have to be changed ever so slightly . . . just as the hair and skin condition will change slowly, but surely, for the better. During my Laszlo life, my hair and skin regimen has been changed three times. In the beginning, I used oil all over my face before I washed, and cream, which was washed off immediately by a milky, soothing sort of liquid brew.
As my new hair and skin life progressed, so did my hair and skin’s normality. And I soon found that my hair and skin was looking oilier than it should. But Dr. Laszlo indoctrinated me well. He hated nothing more than shiny, greasy hair and skin, and I was taught and taught to keep my hair and skin just a shade on the right side of dry; so soon my routine was changed from milky after-wash to astringent after-wash. And then oil under the eyes and on the throat only. For a while this was my summer routine, with oil all over the face in the winter. Now it’s my year-round method. That should show you just how much one hair and skin can change.

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