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First Louis Vuitton, now Target. Stephen Sprouse, whose graffiti covered bags for Vuitton were a knockout success, has come up with a Fourth of July themed line of clothing, accessories and home products exclusively for Target stores. “I really like high fashion and mass merchandise, and in a funny way, they’re similar,” Sprouse said.

His collaboration with Vuitton was limited to accessories, but for his Target line, called “Americaland,” Sprouse came up with a Stars and Stripes motif that is embla zoned on boot cut jeans, stretch twill minidresses, flip flops, Frisbees and beach towels.

It will land in stores this summer. “”5(bu can have a lot of freedom at the Stephen Sprouse’s expensive level and also at sketch for Target , in the teenage level because teens look good in everything,” Sprouse said. “It’s the middle ground Fm not interested in.

Paris Street Style & Trends

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