Paul Rudd Style & Diet Plan

Nothing was working. Her weight remained at the same maddening number. Of course, I felt that if she would admit her weight, the plateau would dissolve. Yet nothing could persuade her, not the thought of three watermelon days in succession, not threats, nothing.

Finally, in desperation, I asked her to put her husband on the phone as I had something to ask him. She consented. “How much do you think Jackie weighs, Henry?” Despite her code, despite her dressing in the closet to hide her fat, despite every ploy known only to the fat, Henry guessed Jackie’s weight within a pound.

Once Jackie realized that her weight wasn’t a secret, and once she herself said it aloud, she lost three pounds. The plateau had been mental, not physical.

Love your scale and embrace it; it is the key to your success and your foundation to your sense of being. It will make this diet work for you, and it will make food and eating work for you. It will get you skinny and keep you skinny if you’ll only let it. What have you got to lose?

Paul Rudd Style & Diet Plan

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