Pedicures at home

“I get weekly pedicures and always opt for the 10-minute leg massage! It feels so good after a day on my feet. And I’ve used Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap for years. I don’t wear makeup to work in a kitchen, so my beauty regimen is basic. My splurges are about pampering myself.”

1 “I was overweight then I lost the weight and everything was sagging, so I decided to have the surgery. I removed a bit from the sides and below the waist, then had it placed on the top portion of my butt! it was such a change in my life. I went from being an unhappy architecture student to a personal trainer. Now, I teach spinning classes, and I get around by biking and walking. My life is much better. I feel healthier and prettier. In my opinion, it was worth every penny I spent”

“I had it when I was 26, single, and working in Venezuela, where I come from.

It was a big investment: I spent almost two months’ salary! I’d wanted bigger breasts ever since I was a little girl, I just thought my body would look nicer it wasn’t an obsession. Cosmetic surgery is not a taboo in Venezuela. People speak openly about it. It’s the same in Dubai, where I live now. Appearances are very important in this region. People want to look great and they’re going to invest in it.”


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