Peeling of the skin

Exfoliate or No?

A lot has been said, written, and advertised about “exfoliation,” which, whether mild or strong, means peeling of the skin. I have already told you how I feel about skin. It’s a delicate subject. It should be handled with care.

There are of course many famous dermatologists, with many famous and beautiful faces as patients, who believe in exfoliation as a route to beautiful skin. Your skin, however, exfoliates itself without any help from dermatologists. According to Dr. Earle Brauer, who is research director for Revlon, the skin rejuvenates itself via “shedding”.

about every two weeks. While Dr. Brauer points out that the shedding, or exfoliation, is almost imperceptible, he declares that much of the “morning dust” found on your sheets is you or at least the skin you have shed during the night, for apparently most of your shedding takes place while you sleep. Thank goodness for that. Skin dandruff, we don’t need.

Still, I think you can see that any severe chemical peeling or abrasion, except in cases where there is severe scar tissue, whether from burns, accident, or childhood acne, should be undertaken with great care. Even at that, it can be exceedingly dangerous, for with the skin left wide open after dermabrasion, for example, it is subject to extreme infection.

I personally do not believe in such violent assaults on your skin unless you have a psychologically damaging scar or birthmark. Or acne that has left hopelessly deep pits, thanks to maltreatment during its onset. If your skin is simply less than you want it to be, I’d stick to the less extreme approaches and see if we can’t get it together without taking off your hide.

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