Percentage Sagging and Facelift Operation

Facial Aging and Face Lifting

The time to make any changes in the face is when you feel that you are starting to feel uncomfortable about it. The person can start by asking what he / she has done to the issues that are disturbing him / her.

Do you paint your hair, use a variety of creams or foundations, use eyeglasses to hide your under-eye wrinkles or bags, try to give answers to questions like what you are doing to hide a tired, old or sleepy look. Does the person try to be given a number of forms in order to look better in the face with his hand over the mirror?

Indeed, it can be learned in this way how the years, the rays of the sun and the important role of the cigarette, the wrinkles, and the appearance of the afterglow of the dangers of the decline of the resistance to gravity of the body will be attained.

Age of the face

As the years progress, skin elasticity decreases. During adolescence, the skin is full and bright. At twenty-eight, some wrinkles appear, thin lines begin to appear, skin elasticity begins to decrease, and light bagging occurs around the eyes. These changes become more evident in the thirties and forties. In the elderly and later ages, collapse in the eye area, laxity in the upper eyelid, initiation of sagging of the cheeks, and deepening of the folds in the face.

Different applications are being made to make the face appear younger:

In general, if there is sagging on the cheeks, deepening in the nose and between the upper lip and cheek (nasolabial) groove, and laxity on the cheek, classic face gum or mini face gum can be made.

In case of sagging under the jaw (double neck) and double jaw appearance (double chin), neck stretching or liposuction (degreasing) application is required.

Sagging brows, horizontal forehead lines, lines between eyebrows, forehead stretching is done.
When bagging or abortion in eyelids, raised, bulging or falling, eyelid removal is performed in loose lower eyelid.

In the case of poorly structured jaw, facial straightening, use of face implants (synthetic materials) would be appropriate.

The above applications can be applied alone or in combination with others.

These deformities, which are composed of gravity, sun rays and years of influence, can be rectified in large scale with facelift operations.

Facelifts were described by Eugene Hollander at the beginning of the 1900’s and passed through various stages of the day. From 1974 onwards, various methods have come into use at the present level.

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