Perimenopause Weight Loss Tips

Perimenopause Weight Loss Tips

Failure of the 213-Diet – A Bunch of Ramblings

I have done my best to put together a weight loss program that has potential for an extremely high success rate. The 20 dollar per month program (that everyone knows about), has a less than 2% maintained success rate and is considered one of the most effective programs available. The only other method known that is more effective is surgery that has many serious side effects to include death. Can I produce something better than 2%? To me 10% or even 70% is still a failure!

My definition of a successful diet system is:

Weight loss of 50 to 100 percent of a person’s excess weight above a BMI of 25 percent.

At least 50 percent or more losing and maintaining the loss of at least 50% of their excess weight.

To be considered attractive to a large audience base to actually try the 213-Diet.

High percentage of those implementing program satisfied with concept and results obtained.

Adaptability of the material to ensure it is effective and allows for continuing improvement.

I cannot ignore the obstacles opposing the 213-Diet if it is to be successful.

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