Petra Nemcova Diet Plan Workout Routine

Petra Nemcova Diet Plan

Further, and this point cannot be overemphasized, all nutrients are interrelated. In other words, the optimal functioning of every single nutrient is dependent upon the presence of every other essential nutrient.

Doctors Harte and Chow, celebrated researchers in the field of nutrition, reviewed over 200 scientific studies of dietary interrelationships. Their findings reveal that the shortage of a single essential vitamin, mineral element, amino acid, or fatty acid will create a shock wave that spreads to affect the utilization and or function of every other essential nutrient.

Considering how closely related are diet and nutrition to mental health, just how much cause for concern is there over what Mr. and Mrs. America and their children are eating today?

Although we shall cover this subject fully in a later chapter, a sneak preview is in order right now.

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