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When you put eight feisty women in the same room, tensions are always going to flare. And that was definitely the case when The Real Housewives Of Melbourne cast gathered for New Idea’s glamorous shoot. From some women going to great lengths to avoid one another to smirking and gossiping behind each other’s backs and shooting daggers at each other, it was easy to tell who was on the outer with whom. So when the dictaphone came out, they didn’t hesitate to air their dirty laundry. Lydia Schiavello didn’t mince words when discussing newcomer and sworn enemy Susie McLean. I think she’s a dirty, horrible person. I’ve never liked her in my life,’ she fumed. My husband lived five doors away from her when she was married to her last was married to her last husband for five minutes.’ With everyone eager to look their best, it was a fierce battle when it came to wardrobe, and those who didn’t get their first pick we’re looking at you, Pettifleur we re looking at you, Pettifleur Berenger! weren’t shy about voicing their displeasure.

I can’t work like this!’ she declared after just an hour of shooting, adding dramatically: Do you want me to faint?’ Speaking of styling, youngest cast member Jackie Gillies snuck in a sly dig, asking to be dressed differently to the other women because she didn’t want to look old like Janet’! When it came to the group shot, Pettifleur was only concerned about making sure she looked the best And I did!’ she boasted later. She also swatted Janet Roach away when the blonde was asked to pose with her hand on Pettifleur’s shoulder. Living up to her diva reputation, Gina Liano pulled rank as she monopolised our stylist, while she simply couldn’t hide her disdain for one housewife. She’s so annoying, I can’t stand her,’ she said with a roll of her eyes as Pettifleur paraded past.

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2016 Jackie Robinson Foundation Awards Dinner | Entertainment - Yahoo Celebrity Photos of the Day: Jackie Appiah, Christabel Ekeh, Becca Jackie Gillies accuses Lydia Schiavello of CHEATING on her husband at . Breaux & Pettifleur Berenger Join Cast [VIDEO] : Videos : Enstarz

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