Pilates Exercises For Stomach

Pilates Exercises For Stomach

Perhaps it was Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover in August 1991 what triggered the beginning of this change in the perception of pregnancy and motherhood. Before then, no Hollywood celebrity or beauty icon would even dream of displaying to the public a less-than-perfect waistline, much less a protruding 8-month pregnant belly.

It took many decades, one controversial magazine cover and an endless number of declarations by many, now proud mommies, celebrity beauty icons, to finally make us realize that pregnancy is not a condition to be ashamed of, to hide and, much less, to mark the end of a woman’s beauty and professional career.

Today’s moms feel the need to show to the world that they are still beautiful and that their personal and professional lives are far from over. They take care of their health and their physical appearance, at the same time that they balance their work and family lives. Modern moms are not only strong and practical, they are also fun, beautiful, sensual and intelligent. Today’s mommies celebrate not only their personal and professional accomplishments – they also celebrate the miracle of life and the process that it implicates.

Today’s moms deserve to be acknowledged as Hot Mommies, and this is simply a true revolution, a moment in history in which society’s way of thinking is changing… For the better!

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