Pisces Celebrities 2015 Forecasts

As in the past few months, the upper half of the Horoscope is strongest. The lOth House is powerful more powerful than the 4th House. Thus your career is taking up more time than your home. (You can’t ignore the home, but you are giving more priority to your career.) Sometimes we have to sacrifice personal happiness (in your case home and family issues) for a larger good (outer success). Attaining your career goals will, in the long run, help your family. But in the short term it could mean missing a few school football matches or family gatherings. This is a month for great career progress.

Pay rises and promotions wouldn’t be a sur prise. Money comes from your good professional reputation and standing. Elders, bosses, authority figures and parents are sympathetic to your financial goals and want to help. If you need a favour, this is a wonderful period to ask for one (after the 20th).

Your love and social life is more stressful after the 20th. Love is not the problem per se, but the many competing interests and distractions that are putting stresses on your relationship. (Your spouse, lover or partner also has many distractions this is not a one way situation.)

By the 22nd there is a shift of planetary power to the East from the West. Whereas for the past few months there were 80 to 90 per cent in the West, the proportion changes. The East and West are more evenly balanced. Though you are not completely independent, neither are you as dependent as before. There will be times when you have to cater to oth ers and times where you can take independent action. You will be both dependent and independent at different times.

Pisces Celebrities 2015 Forecasts

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