This Fine Arts major knows just how to design and personalize her own stylishly eclectic space.

Can’t find the perfect piece for your room? Opt to have it made. Instead of buying one readymade, my dad and I customized this ladder shelf to hold my books and accessories, Jafe explains.

Personalize your room by displaying your unique collectibles

Bring on the pops of color. Bedrooms shouldn’t be boring, so fill your space with texture and color. I wanted my room to be white and minimal, so it’s bright and simple. But for the details, I decided to go full-on color, Jafe explains.

Can’t /et g of an old bab/el You’d be surprised what a bright new hue can do.

Create an inspiring workspace. Display elements that inspire you to focus and get busy. Jafe advises, Place framed motivational quotes that can reduce stress while you work. 

Think of what you truly need. If you have an empty space or spare room, imagine a new function for it.

STELLAR GIFTS You have an eagle eye for detail and know how to make anyone you engage with feel like the only person in the room.

BLIND SPOTS In introspective moods, you can seem cold and give off mixed messages.

FASHION FAVES You captivate in dramatic and spare black or red outfits as well as more intricate looks with eye-catching details.

INDULGENCE The decadence of all-day lovefests in bed with your amour tantalizes you.

SEDUCTION STYLE You know just when to turn up the charm and when to pull back and let others pursue you, so your admirers fall hard and fast. You encourage deep, intense relationships, but reveal your innermost self to only a select few.

YOUR MONTH Driven by intuition, you’ll move full-steam toward your goals as the month begins. The New Moon in your sign on the 11th will give you a boost as you work to complete a project that means a lot to you. Watch out for a financial snafu on the 29th when confusion is high.

YOUR YEAR Being fearless and embracing your unique quirks has paid off this year. Trust that your vision is clear and strong, and keep being your most genuine self. It’ll pay off big-time. February and August will bring romance, and June and October are your best times for travel.

YOU NEED To find the right balance between innovating and taking care of responsibilities.


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