If any one of the four steps of food processing (the diges tive process) is faulty or weak, ali are affected. A chain reaction takes place. The result? Indigestion. You may not even be aware of it, or you may accept it as inevitable. The obvious symptoms? Gas, heartbum, or a stomachache. The notsoobvious? Insomnia, depression, headaches, lack of energy, nervous tension, and dull skin and hair.

The most overlooked yet most obvious of ali symptoms of indigestion is fat. Well, why not? Fat, after ali, is food or something that has been ingestedartificial sweeteners, preservatives, diet sodasanything that has been ingested that has not been digested, absorbed, metabolized, or eliminated.

Fat indicates that somewhere along the line the digestive process has fouled up. For most fat people, the problem does not occur during stages two or three, absorption or metabolism. Although we’d ali like to think we have a slow metabolism, sorry, it’s not so. In fact, it’s the rarest ex ception.

Occasionally there is difficulty with elimination, perhaps because your food is too low in fiber, it’s overrefined which causes mucus and pits (small holes) in your intestines. This, in tum, impedes elasticity and slows down elimination.

The problem is usually in the fırst stagedigestion when food is tumed into nutrients. If we foul up in this stage, our bodies don’t have a chance. It’s this stage that we focus on in the Conscious Combining Technique, the key to the Beverly Hills Diet.

If our enzymatic system is functioning as it should, odds are that the second, third, and fourth stages are humming happily along. But if food isn’tbroken down into nutrients, it can’t be absorbed. If it can’t be absorbed, it can’t be metabolized. If it can’t be metabolized, it can’t be used or eliminated. If it can’t be used or eliminated, it gets stuck in your bodyand turns into fat!

Remember, fat is nothing more than food or something you have ingested that has not been digested. If it had been properly processed, it would have gone through ali four steps and it wouldn’t stili be there. Make sense?




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