Popular Haircuts For Women With Bangs 

Bringraj (Eclipta alba, Ecliptaprostrata) for your beautiful hair

Bhringraj, which literally translates to “king of hair”, is used to regrow hair. Studies show the herb to be an effective treatment for alopecia.48

Popular Haircuts For Women With Bangs 

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Bhringraj is a main ingredient in many ayurvedic herbal hair oils used for prevention of premature balding and promoting hair growth. The leaf extract is considered to be a powerful liver tonic and is also used for treating fungal infections.49 Hibiscus (Rosa sinensis):

Hibiscus acts as a natural emollient hair conditioner.50 Used as a hair rinse, it stimulates thicker hair growth, and prevents greying, hair loss and scalp disorders. Its ingestion aids in the strengthening of hair roots whilst nourishing the hair from deep within.

One clinical study showed that the leaf extract of the hibiscus increased hair length and the anagen/telogen ratio of hair follicles.51 The study concluded that the leaf extract, when compared to flower extract, exhibits a more potent effect on hair growth.

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