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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Bloomsbury, £16.99 hardback) is in shops on 21 Junebnot only on herself, but also on her friends and family, and the dubious celebrity she gained as ‘the girl who was raped’. A powerful, disturbing, but essential read. ★★★★

Entertaining: The Virgin Guide by Eleni Kyriacou

(Virgin, £8.99)

If you’ve ever wanted to be a hostess with the mostest, this will tell you how to do everything from throwing a cocktail party on a budget to getting away with serving ready meals at a romantic dinner for two. A must-buy for all party addicts. ★★★★

Are You My Mother? by Louise

VOSS (Black Swan, £6.99)

Emma Victor has been bringing up her little sister, Stella, since she was a teenager and her adoptive parents (and Stella’s birth parents) died in a car crash. Now, Stella is nearing adulthood, Emma realises her life is in a rut and shakes it up a bit by searching out her own birth mother.

A thought-provoking page-turner. ★★★

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Champion seeker

By now, Harry should be considering life after Hogwarts and we think his career could start at a Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff quidditch match, where he’ll be scouted for an international team. Then, he’ll only need a few highlights and a posh girlfriend to become the Beckham of the quidditch world.

Things We Knew Were True by Nicci Gerrard

(Michael Joseph, £9.99)

Starting as 16-year-old Edie’s life is turned upside down by the death of her father, then fast-forwarding 20 years, this is a skilfully observed book about grief, sibling relations and first love. ★★★★


Lucky by Alice Sebold (Picador, £6.99)

At 18, the author was raped and brutally beaten, and this memoir follows her attempt to come to terms with the effect of the attack

Also worth reading this month…

teenage prisoner whose miserable existence is given some normality through an unexpected friendship. ★★★

Notes On A Scandal by Zoe Heller

(Viking, £14.99, hardback)

When teacher Barbara Covett discovers her colleague, Sheba, is having an affair with an underage student, she’s not just horrified, but annoyed her friend waited so long to tell her. When Sheba’s secret is exposed,

Barbara decides to record her version of events. A dark tale of deceit and obsession. ★★★

Brick Lane by Monica Ali

(Doubleday, £12.99, hardback)

This author has been compared to Zadie Smith; but, even though the subject matter is similar to White Teeth, that’s as far as it goes. Following Nazneen, who moves from a Bangladeshi village to a grim east London council flat, this isn’t a page-turning laugh-a-minute, but it is beautifully written and refreshingly different. ★★★

Dark death

Rumour has it somebody will meet their gruesome end at Hogwarts this year, so it’s safe to say Lord Voldemort is making a return. We sincerely hope the victim will be nasty Dudley Dursley or evil Draco Malfoy and not, gulp, Hagrid.

Family secrets

Poor Harry has never had a real family, so we’d love the Weasleys to win the wizarding lotto and adopt him as one of their own. Plus, we want it to be revealed that Albus Dumbledore is Harry’s great-grandfather.

Breathe by Anne-Sophie Brasme

(Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £9.99)

This well-written debut is causing a buzz at the moment – largely due to the fact its French author is only 17 years old (but you wouldn’t know it, so don’t let that put you off.) A frank account of the life of Charlene, a

Elf service

We hope Hermione teams up with Dobby the house elf to launch a campaign for worldwide elf emancipation.

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