Portion Control Tips For Weight Loss

Portion Control Tips For Weight Loss

Fork in the road: On completion of the diet, I had an important choice to make. Do I go all out and put full time into creating a picture perfect example of successful dieting and full time advertising of this picture perfect example? This direction would result in an illusion that this is a great program hiding the full time effort and focus to maintain a fagade. The result would be a program producing failure, and the program image created would not be from the presented material in action but the efforts of behind the scene starving, extensive workouts, protein supplements, with every moment of my life dedicated to maintaining this fagade called my program. The other direction was to live it as most do. To move on to other projects and continue my struggle as if the 213-diet program was not my primary focus in life and putting little time to concentrate on the effort of consciously losing weight.

To create a diet program that works just for me or requires more effort than what is naturally possible for most people, is a program that would be based on a lie and could only produce failure. Look at most exercise or weight loss programs. Does that person offering that super weight loss program follow a normal person’s schedule? Do they get up at 6 am to cook breakfast and get the children ready for school, sit at that 8 to 5 desk-job only to go home, help the children with schoolwork, cook dinner, then catch a break, only to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow? These fakes live eat, sleep, supplement, and everything to be in great shape. Their job is to look good so you will want to look good (just like they do) resulting in you buying their “fabrication of impossibility for you” product.

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The double edged sword is either that I lie and lift weights, becoming a mister atlas and sell lots of dieting material to wannabes with guaranteed failure, or I keep it real and hopefully attract a few that see the truth of a person knowing the struggle and reality of weight loss and is overall winning. The choice becomes either a rich liar or a poor author of the best diet program that will never be given a chance. The choice is a success of a failure or a failure of a success. I have hope truth will prevail.

Best Diet Program: The 213-Diet is the accumulation of all subjects that matter in weight loss compiled into one source. This allows the individual completely to know the challenges they face in losing weight. With this knowledge, they can defend their weakness and attack with their strengths. Approach it like the tortoise and the hare with slow and steady wins the race, making lifestyle changes to a healthier and satisfying weight. It is not a partial program with immediate expectations but designed for everlasting success.

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