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It is probably no great secret that the modern Western diet is far too rich in processed, refined foods and far too light on raw, nutrient packed foodstuffs. We probably all understand that processed foods (burgers, hot dogs, pizzas etc) are likely to make you fatter than raw unprocessed foods, but one of the reasons why this happens is probably not widely understood.

Partially because these foodstuffs are very rich in fats and sugar, our system is simply not very good at processing them. Consequently, they can hang around in your body for two or three days, and while they are still being slowly digested in this way, your body is still leeching every available calorie from them.

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Raw foodstuffs on the other hand tend to ‘hang around’ for only a few hours and therefore, even if they were ‘calorie rich’ (which most raw foods are not), your body simply does not get the chance to extract those calories.

When you think about it in these terms, it probably makes a great deal of sense. After all, you have spent years listening to people who have told you how good raw and unprocessed foods were for your digestive system. Plus, there have probably been times when the speed at which you have had to visit the bathroom has provided ample testament to the fact that raw foods ‘keep you going’!

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