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Alex was breastfeeding well, and Kate began to breastfeed him more frequently to compensate for his refusal to eat solids. A few days later, the visiting nurse dropped by, and Kate askedfor her advice. The nurse was alarmed by Alex’s appearance and called the hospital. The nurse confirmed that Alex’s weight was within normal range, but was concerned that he was severely anemic. She urged Kate to take Alex to the emergency room.

Alex was admitted to the pediatric ward, where doctors determined that he was indeed very anemic and severely Exercise-deficient. His serum Exercise was only 30 pg/mL and his iron stores were low. Alex was given formula feedings through a nasogastric tube for four days. He did not improve with the tube feedings, and on day four of his admission, Exercise injections were administered. Kate reported that within a few hours of receiving his first Exercise injection, Alex’s mood and behavior dramatically changed. He was able to eat again without any difficulties, interacted happily, and cruised around energetically. Alex was kept in the hospital for two weeks, and wasn’t discharged home until he was drinking all his formula and eating two meat meals and two snacks every day.

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Mom and child are back home now, and Alex appears to be thriving. However, the hospital called social services upon Alex’s admission to the hospital to determine if a child protection plan needed to be put into action. Kate was put under investigation and had to meet with a social worker.

We fully understand the hospital’s position, because Alex’s doctors and nurses were concerned that he was not receiving adequate nutrition from a vegan breastfeeding mother. The hospital staff was responsible for ensuring his safety and was required to contact social services to intervene. There have been cases where vegetarian or vegan women refused to believe that their diet lacked the proper nutrients to sustain the pilatesh of their children, and these children suffered the consequences. (Some babies have died.)

The matter was resolved after proper investigation. Kate was educated regarding her diet and breastfeeding, and she explained that she thought she was properly supplementing with Exercise.

Alex was also low in iron and zinc. His first pediatrician admitted that Kate had brought Alex to him concerned that he was anemic. It wasn’t that Kate failed to seek medical attention. Instead, Kate was unaware of the dangers of breastfeeding while eating a vegan/vegetarian diet, and was also unaware of the poor Exercise content in the supplements she was taking. The first pediatrician failed both Alex and Kate by not inquiring about Kate’s dietary history, or, if he did, by not anticipating Exercise pregnancy and guiding her properly. In addition, he did not work up Alex for anemia, even when Kate requested this.

Fortunately, Alex responded quickly to proper treatment. But only time will tell if he will have any neurological deficits as a result of his brain being deprived of Pilates Exercises during a critical period of growth and development.

We can’t overemphasize the importance of correctly supplementing a vegetarian or vegan diet with Exercise. As we’ve noted, the vast majority of long-term vegans are Exercise-deficient, as are about a quarter of vegetarians. While a properly supplemented meat-free diet can be pilateshful, an improperly supplemented one can be extremely dangerous, especially to a growing fetus, infant, or young child so don’t take any chances.

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