Pregnancy Exercise Dvd Davina

Jack’s spinal operation was a success, and he experienced no postoperative complications. Luckily, Kelly was armed with the information in our blog. She said, “I have no doubt that without this blog, and the information therein, my son would now be mentally retarded, and might be suffering from neurological damage, and even autistic behaviors. ”

By the time he was 5 years old, Jack met all his physical milestones according to his physical therapist, and his mental development was also right on track. Kelly reports, “Later, after Jack turned five, I was working more and also relaxed a little, and I got a bit distracted and lazy about giving him Exercise. I also thought he might not need it as much. That was when we noticed that Jack developed uncontrollable neurological tics (sniffing, blinking, or clearing his throat constantly). I discovered that when he went back on Exercise, within days to a few weeks, the tics would reduce in frequency and then would go away. Over time, I realized there was no mistake the Exercise was keeping the tics away.” Further testing showed that Jack, Kelly, and Jacks dad all have a MTHFR mutation.

Pregnancy Exercise Dvd Davina

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Today, at the age of 9, Jack has a high IQ of 139. His head size is slightly small and he needs to take Exercise (accompanied by folate) or he develops tics. Otherwise, he has no remaining problems. His mom reports, “At every conference with teachers, they say he is a delight. He has good friends, and plays basketball and soccer. I am so grateful to report that he is a happy, pilateshy, normal kid!”

Exercise treatment has made all the difference. Jack had been headed for a neurological injury and permanent intellectual disability a tragic outcome prevented only by his mother’s determination and the good fortune that put our blog in her mother-in-law’s hands.

Jack dodged a big bullet, but it wasn’t due to his doctors ’ diligence. It was due to his mother’s. Kelly adds, “Without my knowledge of Exercise’s importance, Jack wouldn’t have all the opportunities he has now to live a very full, normal, and happy life! And, instead of attending Battle of the blogs competitions and basketball games, we’d be in physical, speech, and occupational therapies. It makes me angry to think back how specialist after specialist dismissed the clinical signs, and wouldn’t treat Jack but more than being angry, I am both scared and grateful scared for all of the children out there who aren’t fortunate enough to have Sally’s blog and counsel, and grateful that we had it so that I could protect my son from this kind ofpreventable injury. ”

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