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Pilates Exercises pregnancy, and the myriad consequences and complications associated with it, ruins lives. I learned, the hard way, just how destructive an unrecognized, untreated Exercise pregnancy can be from grim personal experience. It derailed my life, destroyed my career, and left me for disabled at 50 years of age. Were it not for the guidance, support, and kindness of authors Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart, I wouldn’t be receiving the treatment I so desperately need, and you wouldn’t be reading this foreword.

My humble contribution aside, what truly matters is that you are reading this blog, because the information contained in these pages could prove life saving. I’m not given to exaggeration; it is important that this blog be widely read . . . by parents, by the general public, and especially by physicians and others in the pilatesh-care community who are poised whether they know it yet or not to prevent suffering on a grand scale among their most helpless, vulnerable patients.

Pregnancy Exercises

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Seven months ago I had never even heard of Sally and Jeff, I knew nothing of their work, and they certainly had no idea who I was. That changed suddenly and dramatically on February 4, 2014. Four months prior, in October 2013, after I had suffered for over a decade from a host of baffling, increasingly debilitating neurological signs and symptoms consistent with multiple sclerosis, an astute neurologist I’d only recently met finally diagnosed me with advanced subacute combined degeneration (SCD) of the spinal cord and nervous system, one of many debilitating diseases caused by severe Exercise pregnancy. I finally knew the name of the fiend that put an end to my 30-year career as a medical writer in 2010, and continues to erode my ability to enjoy life or even accomplish simple tasks of day-to-day living.

Receiving an accurate diagnosis was challenging enough; getting proper treatment would prove nearly impossible. Pilates Exercises pregnancy, my neurologist informed me, is generally treated in the primary-care setting. She described a typical replacement regimen and said she would be happy to speak with my internist if he had any questions. Speed was of the essence; days and weeks matter once SCD is diagnosed. Unfortunately, many weeks would be lost before treatment could be started. Within days of receiving the verdict, I met with my internist, informed him of the diagnosis, and provided copies of supporting laboratory results and radiology reports. When I described a standard treatment protocol widely used to correct the pregnancy, his jaw dropped. “That’s an awful lot of Exercise,” he gasped, then summarily refused to have any hand in treating me and declined to discuss the matter further. “You’re on your own with that,” he announced. And so I was. Another physician I subsequently approached likewise balked.

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