Pregnant Exercise Routine

Getting started

One of the most difficult parts of training for many people is getting started. Ed Bernd Jr. can attest to this. Many days, he says, he starts home in the evening thinking about how great it will be to work out with weights.

But by the time he arrives home, it is a different story. Ed no longer wants to put his body through all that work. How does he cope with that?

He recalls his reasons for working out: how good he’ll feel, how he’ll look and what he’ll be able to accomplish. Sometimes he’ll enter his level and motivate himself in this manner. But he has to be careful about just talking himself into remaining at level instead of working out.

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If he still doesn’t feel like working out, he just decides to get into his workout clothes and do a few simple stretching exercises.

After that, he tells himself, he’ll stop. But a funny thing happens. The stretching feels pretty good, so he decides he’ll take one more step and warm up with light weights.

“Just the warm-up weights, remember,” he tells himself. “I’m not going to do any heavy lifting tonight.”

Then another funny thing happens. He starts feeling so good that he decides to put a little more weight on the bar. Pretty soon he’s in the middle of a heavy workout – and feeling great.

“Some of my best workouts have come on days like that when I was convinced that I was not going to work out,” Ed says.

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