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Never let anybody take your dream away from you. You wouldn’t believe how many outstanding athletes were doubted along their way to the top, but they wouldn’t let others’ opinions stand in their way. You can draw your inspiration from stories like these:

Joe Montana, Mark Rypien and Joe Theismann were all selected in the third round of the National Football League draft. All three were passed over more than 50 times before finally being drafted, but went on to quarterback their teams to Super Bowl victories.

Tom Brady was rejected almost 200 times before the New England Patriots drafted him 199th (when there wasn’t anybody left that they wanted). Brady told them it was the best decision they had ever made. Now many people consider it the best draft pick of all time.

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Orel Hershiser, whose pitching performances helped the Los Angeles Dodgers win the 1988 World Series and were an inspiration to everyone, seemed to have little chance when he was young.

He was small and slight of build. He didn’t even make varsity until his junior year in high school.

At college (Bowling Green), he was cut from the team his freshman and sophomore years. “I dreamed of playing major league ball,” he said. “I just kept trying.”

Boxer Freddie Pendleton lost five of his first six amateur fights. He turned pro at 18 years of age – because he needed the money. After his first 25 fights, he had 12 wins, 12 losses and one draw. In 1991 he was world champion, with a record of 30 wins, 17 losses and three draws.

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