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The mental imagery of the superstars

Can an athlete be too good? Is it possible that you can be so good that you can actually hurt your team? Some people think so, but not John Madden. Madden was the first coach in the National Football League to win 100 games in his first 10 years. His success as a sportscaster has been just as impressive as his results in coaching.

One Sunday afternoon, Madden and his broadcast partner Pat Summerall were covering a Washington Redskins game.

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Summerall, who had been a kicker in the NFL before he went into broadcasting, commented that punter Reggie Roby, who had been released by the Miami Dolphins and picked up by Washington, had been criticizedfor outkicking the coverage. He kicked the ball so high and so far, critics claimed, his teammates couldn’t get downfield in time to tackle the punt receiver.

“They said the same thing about my kicker when I was coaching, ” Madden said. “I told him to go ahead and kick the ball as far as he could, and if they couldn’t cover it, I’d go get some guys who could. Some receivers complained that my quarterback threw the ball too hard, ” Madden continued. “I told him to throw it as hard as he needed to, and if they couldn’t catch it, I’d go get some guys who could. ”

Madden’s record-setting performance over a 10-year period should be enough to silence any critics.

Do whatever it takes to be the best you can possibly be, and find other players who are willing to do the same.

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