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Its shares were static, and it had only one contract of any size to supply black slaves to Latin America. The Government then gave birth to the concept of privatization of a State concern, something much more audacious than the contemporary sales of British Telecom or British Gas. It offered shares in the South Sea Company to the public, hoping that it would raise enough money to wipe out the entire National Debt of some im. The Government was persuaded to do this by a wily operator, Sir John Blunt, who was a director of the company and effectively underwrote the issue. The issues were partly paid ; an investor had to find only a small proportion at the start, and then pay the rest of the share price in instalments. The issue was heavily oversubscribed, and there was much irritation when it was discovered that Blunt’s acquaintances, and others of influence, had received an extra allocation. To raise still more money, the company made loans to the public, secured on the shares themselves, provided the money was used to buy more stock.

Princess Diana Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Princess Diana Info Chart

Style Name Diana Frances Spencer
Style Birth; July 1, 1961
Style From; Park House, Sandringham
Style Occupations; Royal Family
Style Relationship; Passed Away on August 31, 1997
A-List; B-List

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