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Purple! It’s style everywhere! I could never pull it off, but I love this style when other people can.

When supplementing with royal jelly, follow the manufac turer’s dosage recommendations. A note of caution; In susceptible individuals, royal jelly may provoke an allergic reaction.

Viviscal A Miracle Marine Supplement with Antibaldness Powers

Viviscal is a natural food supplement formulated with the mineral silica, credited with the ability to build healthy hair. Launched in Finland in 1992, Viviscal also contains a fish oil extract. To its credit, the product is backed by several scientific studies conducted in Europe and Latin America, One of these studies tested Viviscal against a product containing fish oil extract only.

Lasting six months, the study involved twenty men who took two tablets of Viviscal daily and twenty who received two tablets ol the fish oil extract daily.

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