Light, luscious, lean and loved by everyone who’s ever tasted it. And you can’t go past lamb for its sheer versatility and adaptability to a wide spectrum of menus and individual recipes. Its sweet taste and delicate texture make lamb truly one of the most popular meats throughout the world.

More than just a roast

Slow-cooked till it falls off the bone, seasoned and rolled, or rubbed with Indian spices the Sunday roast takes on a new look with these dress changes.

Variations on a theme 54

A myriad presentations for a handful of lamb cuts.

Cajun cutlets with cucumber salsa,

Lamb and quince tagine,

Traditional favourites

We’re not the only people who think that lamb is virtually our national dish it’s, by custom, made and eaten on a daily basis in many countries around the globe. Here’s our interpretation of some of the best.

A little saucery 102

Marinades and rubs, sauces, butters and pastes.

The lowdown on lamb 108

Indispensable tips and helpful suggestions on all aspects of lamb preparation.

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