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Can It Be Dangerous?

Can it be dangerous the high-protein-low-carbohydrate diet?

After all you’ve doubtless heard of late, you’d be abnormal not to wonder.

I was never afraid for a moment, as I have told you. For this was the very first diet in my life that I’d been able to live with for over a period of three years without a single illness as a result. I’ve shown you what starvation diets did to my health. They left it wide open for colds, streptococci infections (boils, to us), and anything else germy that happened my way. Whenever I decided to go the starvation road to thin, I steeled myself for the inevitable ill health that was sure to follow.

On the low-carbohydrate diet, as I have told you, I simply never felt better, both in body and in spirit. I was thrilled with my new shape, better than any I’d ever had before; thrilled with the non-haggard-making effects of the diet. I felt peppy and cheerful, and a troublesome stomach ailment (and I’ll tell you all about that later) simply, for the moment, ceased to exist or at least gave me less trouble than it ever had before.

Now, as for danger, let me give you my own opinions on the dangers of any sort of dieting. They exist because of dieting. I do not believe that any human being should be expected to stay on any sort of reducing diet forever. I don’t even think he or she should stay on the same kind of diet forever. Because deprivation of anything is eventually going to cause some odd things to happen.

Balanced eating wholesome, natural food balanced eating is always the best answer to health, once you’ve gotten your weight where you want it. After that, what you have to do is watch. The scales, your waistline, and then the minute anything starts to move on the upward direction, get on one of our two diets immediately and stick there until things are back to your ideal.

There are many different theories about the amounts of carbohydrates needed each day to keep one in perfect health. Even Dr. Atkins maintains that all this varies with the individual. And that’s the thing. Individualism again. For me, his guideline was “Never eat anything that’s over ten carbohydrate grams.” I never counted what that added up to per day, but that basic guideline 10 grams and no more kept me on a low enough carbohydrate level to keep me in good-looking shape.

But as for dangerous, let me just say practically every doctor I know or know of has been on one version or another of this diet. They know it works, and they obviously don’t feel it’s dangerous or they wouldn’t be doing it. That, at least, has answered the question to my satisfaction.

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