Raha Moharrak

You conquered Mount Everest when you were 27 years old. What inspired you to take on this challenge?

My story with Everest started long before I ever saw the mountain. I always dreamt of being an adventurer, so that love of the unknown has always been with me, but the real push that got me to my fi rst climb was when I was told I couldn’t climb based solely on my nationality and gender, it enraged me that the colour of my passport dictated my capability so I decided to prove to my self and everyone else that could follow my dreams and what better way to show everyone they were wrong than from on top of the world.

How did you prepare for the climb?

I have always been sporty but this kind of sport needs so much preparation, it wasn’t enough just to be physically fi t, you really need to be mentally prepared so I trained by climbing other mountains, some were for gear training others for the altitude, I slowly started climbing harder and more challenging mountains to slowly build my courage and experience up enough to attempt Everest.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

Two things, fi rst the length of the climb was very diffi cult, it’s one thing to go on a short climb it’s something completely diff erent to live on the mountains for two months and still fi nd the strength to fi nish, the second is by far the cold, I’m a beach bum, so you can imagine how much I had to endure when temperatures hit lower then -45.

What words of inspiration did you tell yourself to get you through?

My parents choose to live in absolute panic and worry for two months rather than refuse my dream and I’m so privileged to have even gotten such an opportunity. People only dream of what I’m living, if that can’t inspire me to get through I don’t know what will.

What was it like when you reached the top?

It felt amazingly surreal, you read and hear about such moments in life when they become a reality it’s sometimes overwhelming, I looked at the world’s curvature in disbelief and my heart was full of pride at the realisation that I made it, I felt such a contrasting feeling, I felt so grand and on top on the world (literally) yet at the same moment I also felt very small and insignifi cant on top such a splendid structure, and also if I was honest I would say that besides all that accomplishment feeling I felt cold, hungry, stinky and ready to head home and eat a burger with a side of pasta and fries after a long four hour shower. These are the things you dream of when you take on an adventure like that!

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Everything from time travel to fl ying!The First Saudi Woman to Climb Mt.

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