Rap Beat Blasts

A n incessant rap beat blasts from the speakers of art adviser “‘ftonne Force’s stereo, overlaid by a flat, breathy voice intoning the raunchy, bathroom humor lyrics of “Megacolon” as Force lip synchs. The voice on the stereo, it turns out, is Force’s om “It’s a medical problem when people get very constipated,” she says, referring to the song’s title. “It’s foul,” she adds of the lyrics. “Fm sorry.” Force, one of New Ybrk’s hottest young independent curators, is sitting on a George Nelson sofa in her Union Square apartment, dressed in head to toe Gucci and clearly deriving mischievous pleasure from shocking a visitor. Her singing career began as something of a lark, but when she and a college buddy per formed “Megacolon” before an audience of 3,000 during a concert by the San Francisco based performance art group Fischerspooner last fail, it was a big hit. “I was petrified before the show, but as soon as I got onstage, I loved it,” she says.

Among the small army of spike heeled art consultants who guide clients through the thicket of galleries, armory shows and international fairs, Force has set herself apart. While she has the requisite big name clients such as Laurance S. Rockefeller who also helped bankroll her business her close involvement with young artists such as painter Fisa Yuskavage, sculptor Rachel Feinstein and photographer Jessica Craig Martin makes her an integral part of the scene she scours for customers. “She’s beautiful and smart and fashion able,” says Feinstein, who admits such qualities have bred some jealousy “A lot of people say mean things about her. They’re very bitter.” Feinstein respects Force’s willingness to lay herself bare in public when she per forms “Megacolon.” “’ibu’d think that a woman who looks so good would be afraid It didn’t hurt Force’s career either.

APF has become her vehicle for exper imentation, with quirky projects such as Judi Werthein’s show “Manicurated,” at the Bronx Museum through May 26, in which the artist chose 10 paintings from the museum’s permanent collection and made tiny reproductions, which manicurists paint on people’s nails. A conceptual sculpture by Keith Edmier and Farrah Fawcett (yes, that Farrah Fawcett) is to be exhibited at the Fos Angeles County Museum of Art in November. At the apartment she shares with her husband, Feo Villareal, a New Media artist from a prominent Mexican family, Force displays art in which she is Yvonne Force i apartment witl Baby, in front o Chamberlain sc A Richmond Bupainting and a I Edmier flower: are in the back “She puts herself on the line the way an artist [does],” says Rachel Feinstein.

to embarrass herself,” says Feinstein. “She puts herself on the line the way an artist puts himself on the line. What she’s doing is really an art form.”

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