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Such a development would require greater Community revenue, and the group opted for a further tranche of VAT resources. Although the expenditure would itself be redistributive, they also recommended the injection of an element of progressively into budget income. The reader will already sense that as the s progressed the budgetary system was coming under increasing strain. A major problem arose from the limitation on the own resources available for the budget. As we saw earlier, expenditure was rising faster than own resources from customs duties and levies, and therefore the VAT rate had to be progressively increased until, as we noted above, in it reached the per cent ceiling. Quite simply the Community was in danger of running out of own resources. Indeed it did so in .

Ray Liotta Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Ray Liotta Info Chart

Style Name Raymond James Liotta
Style Birth; December 18, 1954
Style From; Newark, NJ
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Dating Catherine Hickland

Ray Liotta

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