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She’s Hollywood’s biggest name in comedy but she just so happens to be a proud Australian. After stealing the show with her performance in 2011’s smash hit Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson has son has barely taken a break, quickly becoming one of the industry’s most in-demand stars. Since then, she’s starred in comedies What To Expect When ct When You’re Expecting, Bachelorette elorette and Night At The Museum: Museum: Secret Of The Tomb. And who could forget her most memorable role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect and its sequel? sequel? In new comedy How To Be Single co-starring Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Alison Brie she explores today’s dating scene and touts the benefits of the single life. And, as the 35-year-old tells New Idea, it’s something she can relate to at this stage of her life… The fun girl is your brand, and it’s no different in this flm… Yeah, but I’m trying to graduate to the Oscar roles. I’m always trying to put drama into the roles, but a lot of directors don’t want that. I’m trying to bring a more three-dimensional thing.

Do you get upset that directors only want the fun Rebel?

No, because I make so much money! [Laughs] Also, just doing comedy is the best job in the world. It’s just my own ego as an actress, trying to get dramatic scenes in comedies, so I can expand my repertoire, just subconsciously, to other directors watching the film.

If you were to write The Rebel Wilson Guide To Being Single, what would your advice be?

My own advice to myself is that you don’t want to be so independent that you’re cutting off opportunities for real love. It’s awesome to be independent and do your own thing, but then you don’t want to get so stuck in your ways that you can’t invite the right person in if they come along. There are a lot of people who are very co-dependent, and I think that’s the story of Dakota’s character in this film.

You have quite a few kissing scenes in this movie…

This is funny! So there’s a scene where I kiss a few random guys. This is so embarrassing, but they had about 300 extras in that day, and they selected 50 men and put them in one corner. Then they made me walk up and down and me walk up and down and choose the five I wanted to kiss! the five I wanted to kiss!

Do people view you differently now you re famous?

I think I get hit up for one-night stands because they’re like: She’s an actress, she won’t stop,’ then they’re shocked when they find out I’m really quite a conservative, classy girl in real life. People tend to think I’m outrageous.

Do you date in Hollywood?

Yeah, I do, but I’m so busy. It’s hard being an actress because you’re always filming something not in Los Angeles. I just haven’t met the right person yet.

What do you look for in a man?

That they can beat me in a cage fight and that they’re physically stronger! [Also] I think a person who is kind and treats you nice is a great quality.

Do you have a type?

Yeah, but my type is professional football players and stuff, and they’re not good. I’ve gotta get away from that!

Are you good at being single?

I do think I’m very good at being single. I’ve always been a very independent person. When I was 18, I moved to Africa for a year. I’m too good at being single, unfortunately! I’m a natural introvert, so when I do date people they have to work out that sometimes I need my space. Would you date an Australian? I think Australian men are awesome. If Chris Hemsworth wasn’t taken perfect!

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