Recommendations to Start Sports for Weight Loss

Start with a small bag (if you have a handle on it, if possible) and fill this bag with travel goods and goods. You can get disposable or weekly packaged products. Later you can fill these bottles with your favorite products.

Here are the ones you need:

Wet wipes: The spore is ideal for cleansing your makeup first. Prefer alcohol-free and plant-based ones. But avoid those containing anti-bacterial substances such as triclosan because they may cause irritation by drying the skin. Among those on the market are those that are used for makeup remover or deodorant.
Deodorant: You can get from mini-sized deodorants, which are more preferred in recent times.

Shampoo, hair cream and shower gel: carry these products in small size bottles for not overspilling. Remember, if you run out of shower gel, you can use your shampoo instead.

Moisturizer: Your skin may dry out when you are sweating. For this reason, keep one moisturizer in your bag for both your face and your body.

Combs, brushes, buckles and hair stylers: Always keep them in your bag so you can easily put your damp hair into shape.

Sunscreen: Use a moisturizer or 15 suntan cream before going out after the spore.

Slippers: Never enter the gym, especially the shower, with bare feet. Otherwise you may get unwanted infections such as fungus. For this reason, always carry your slippers in your bag.

Handkerchiefs: Just in case.

Toothbrush, paste or mouthwash: After the exercise, you will get the mouth of the mouth from the waterfall.

If your legs often get cramps, eat a little salty cracker before you go to the spore and after the spore and a glass of water on top of it. Do not neglect to eat 1 banana per day as the cramps may also be due to potassium deficiency.

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