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There is certainly no reason to expect that richer countries will pay proportionately more levies and duties into the budget. It has also been maintained that the VAT element is unsatisfactory. Daniel Strasser (Director of Budgets in the Commission) has indeed pointed out that the VAT component has actually been regressive. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that consumption in poorer countries is a higher proportion of G N P and it attracts VAT whereas other components, such as investment, do not. There is, of course, another concept of equity, namely the benefit principle. It emphasizes the obvious point that the impact of a budget on an individual arises from what he gets out of it as well as what he pays into it. The benefit principle of taxation stresses the idea that those who reap the benefits of government expenditure should pay the taxes.

Redmond O’Neal Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Redmond O’Neal Info Chart

Style Name Redmond O’Neal
Style Birth; 30 January 1985
Style From; Los Angeles County, California, USA
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Single

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