Isn’t this cool? We head back into the living room, and when I ask if she has any plans to retrieve her possessions from that locker in Wales she shares the following exchange she had recently with her husband nice hairstyles short haircuts for year old woman New x over pixie hairstyle Hair Styling Suggestions by Age Range Women Hairstyles For Over Short Haircuts For Year Old Woman Short Hairstyles Impressive Short Hairstyles For Women Over SloDive Zeta Jones How much will it cost us to ship my books from Wales to Bermuda? Douglas What do you mean, how much will it cost? Zeta Jones Well, I’ve got a lot of books and I have a beautiful office with bookshelves there and I want my books around me. Douglas What are you talking about? Just get your books! Is there anything else you need from that locker? Zeta Jones’s previous life are packed away in a storage locker somewhere in Wales. The dishes, the framed posters, the flea market chairs, the old booksall the stuff she left behind in a hurry six years ago when she sold her house and her car in London and decided to chase her dream in Hollywood. She tells me this one Monday afternoon in March as we sit in the living room of the sprawling high rise condo she shares with husband Michael Douglas in Los Angeles’s Century City, just a fraction, real estate wise, of Zeta Jones’s new life. Douglas bought the apartment from Sean Connery several years ago and then, after he met Zeta Jones, added on the place next door, expanding the pied a terre into a ten room spread. Rottenecards Next time you don’t tip your hairdresser please Secrets from the Salon What you should tip hairdressing students Chart How Much To Tip In Every Situation EVERYONE can tell when you don’t tip your hairdresser ;) Cutting How Much to Tip a Hairdresser for the Holiday? Budgeting Money I hate my useless hairdresser (so why do I still tip her?) Daily We are surrounded by chunky masculine furniture and a dark palettemostly browns and greens. Big plants.




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