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The most common cause of hair loss is rooted in your genes. Known technically as androgenetic alopecia, hereditary hair loss can figüre 3-1. Testosterone is the most abundont ondroçjen (male hormone) in women and men. tt »s converted into DHT by the enzyme, 5 alpho-reductase. DHT is the hormone thot triggers ondrogenetic alopecia.

DHT and Androgenettc Alopecia

DHT is your hair’s worst enemy. In a process called miniaturization, DHT shrrnks hair foliides and causes them to deteriorate över time, triggering hair loss. With miniaturization, the tiny blood vessels nourishing the follicle diminish, cutting off the vital flow of nutrients to the surrounding scalp. Many of the current antibaldness medications on the worldwide market are designed to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, and some are formulated to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels.

ironically, one of DHT s normal functions is to promote hair loss! But if your hair follicles have a genetically predetermined sensitivity to DHT, those follicles will shrink and wither.

Another avenue of treatment lor androgenetic alopecia is a recently developed class of drugs called 5 aipha mİuctuse ınhibitors. These drugs block the action of androgens hy a difterent route; They decrease the activity of the enymes required to convert testosterone into DHT, Table 3-1 18 includes a Ust of alpha-reductase ınhibitors.
İn Fart 2, you 11 leam about the numerous drugs avaüable to treat androgenetic alopecia, including antiandrogens and 5 alphareductase ınhibitors.

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