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JORDIN SPARKS + SAGE THE GEMINI HOW THEY MET: Social media! Jordin tweeted Sage to let him know she liked his music and then DMed him, asking to get him on a song. The rest, is just beautiful music. HOW LONG THEY’VE BEEN TOGETHER: Five months WHY THEY WORK: Sage always had a crush on Jordin, so her interest in him made things mutual. Jordin says they click on all levels. HER EX: Jason Derulo claims Jordin pressured him about marriage. And Jordin says when they argued, Jason wouldn’t speak to her. The strain broke them apart. JUICYmagonline.com | 65 KELIS + MICHAEL MORA HOW THEY MET: It’s an unsolved mystery, for us anyway. HOW LONG THEY’VE BEEN TOGETHER: Many moons. A year ago, Kelis shared a #TBT photo of her and Michael on on Instagram with the caption: Many moons ago. They reportedly wed Thanksgiving weekend 2014. WHY THEY WORK: Kelis loves living a low-key life and her mystery man fits perfectly into her stealth situation. They’re welcoming a baby soon! HER EX: Even though Nas loved and still loves her, he knew it wasn’t going to work. He said, I needed something more from her, that she either wasn’t ready or didn’t know how to provide. THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS USHER + GRACE MIGUEL HOW THEY MET: In 1999, Usher started The New Look Foundation and Grace worked for the organization dedicated to assisting disadvantaged youth. HOW LONG THEY’VE BEEN TOGETHER: Seven years before the duo reportedly jumped the broom Labor Day 2015.

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