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So why are so many modern women so clueless about it? Is it that the choices are lousyor have we got lousy at choosing, asks Polly Vernon?
might be discerned? “She, of all people, has reason to hold a grudge against me and be sensitive about a book on this subject,” he says, “but she may be the book’s biggest fan. She thinks it’s my best book ever and she’s always asking me, ‘How are people reacting?’ Her own reaction was that I was very honest and tough on myself. She sees part of me in both male characters. She said, ‘You didn’t let yourself off the hook here.’”
The year 2000, however, found Mclnerney in a very bad place. His father had died just a few years before, now his marriage had broken up and his writing had slowed to a thin trickle of wine columns for House & Garden magazine. “It was a very dark period, ” he says. “I was treated for depression. I don’t mean to overdramatise it but it was the worst time of my life. I was really lost. It was a typical mid-life crisis in some ways, except I just tried to do everything on a more accelerated schedule. It’s hard to imagine now how lost I was, how much I was flailing around.” After September 11, he found himself throwing away the manuscripts for several novels, one of which was about a terrorist bomb plot (“History had overtaken me on that one”). His old “rusticatingimpulse” resurfaced and he toyed with the idea of returning to Helen and the kids in Tennessee.

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