His 1905 engine was the first engine powerful enough to allow the carriage of a passenger. He built a thirty-two-horsepower engine for Army tests in 1907, and his successful 1909 military engine produced thirtyfive horsepower. In addition to constructing engines, he machined metal fittings and helped assemble and rig the airplanes for flight. He accompanied the brothers to the military trials and accompanied Wilbur to France in 1907. Taylor was the only full-time employee of the Wrights until 1909, when they formed the Wright Company. At this point, Taylor was placed in charge of the engine shop. Taylor apparently experienced some difficulty in the changing environment, and friction with the shop manager developed.

Death in Venice Venetian ceruse (also known as spirits of Saturn) was the most fashionable, expensive, and toxic skin whitener available during the sixteenth century, from the city “famous for heavily painted women as well as for the finest ceruse or white lead, a basic ingredient for facepainting.” It has always been unclear to me what exactly made Venetian ceruse any different from regular ceruse. It’s my belief that there was very little difference between them, and that Venetian ceruse was in fact the first upmarket makeup “brand” marketed as being better, more exclusive, more expensive, and more desirable than other very similar (if not identical) products. A book originally published in 1688 contains a recipe for ceruse called “Magistery of Saturn or Lead.”10 After describing a mixture of water, vinegar, and lead, which is dried and washed, the author states that this product is a simple ceruse used as makeup. Later, he cautions the reader to choose their ingredients for the recipe carefully: be sure to chuse a true Ceruse of Lead, such as we call Venetian Ceruse, and not that which is counterfeited, as being mixed with Chalk, Whiting, or other like Substances, having neither the brittleness, weight, nor whiteness of the true Ceruse, or that of Venice.




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