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The Peaks of Peril: Plateaus

Plateaus are those inevitable unannounced places we ali reach when the weight loss stops. Day after day, we get on the scale, and no matter how good we’ve been, we don’t get our reward. The scale doesn’t budge.

How did we deal with this in the paşt? By eating, of course. Out of frustration, we’d shove it in. If you can’t lose, you might as well gain. Right? Doesn’t make you feel too good about yourself, does it?

Maybe, if you understand a little bit about what plateaus really involve, you Tl be able to ride them out without the usual anxieties and desperation.

On a purely physical level, the fat has got to get out of your body. It has to be softened and bumed before it is ultimately flushed out and eliminated. This doesn’t happen in an instant. First, fat leaves the celi. Then it has to travel to the appropriate channel of elimination the kidneys and large intestine before it leaves your body. It’s not a short, easy trip.

That celi where the fat resides doesn’t just disappear. After the fat is gone it fîlls up with water. It came into being in the first place because there was extra food to be had. The celi isn’t leaving. It’s waiting to be fed again. Sooner or later, however, it gets the message that you are not going to feed it. Speck by speck, it begins to shrink and so do you, right along with it.

Ryan Gosling Style & Diet Plan

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